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Dear Sir,

I would like to thank you and your staff all the people who helped to make my life better.

Just what is 'Uniscan'?
I will answer if I can
It helps me do, the things I ought,
See, the groceries, I've bought,

My Glider's getting me about,
I'm no longer good for nowt!
Once again, I cook and clean,
I've never fancied be'en a Queen

I do my work I wash I bake,
Things that some for granted take,
I think that handicapped like me,
Must on your design staff be.

Yours sincerely

Mrs D Bingham
Peterlee, Co. Durham

As the owner of a Uniscan walker for over 10 years I'd just like to say how impressed I was with the service received from your company this week. Unfortunately, one of my brake cables snapped on Monday. My dad rang and spoke to you and a replacement was sent arriving on Tuesday. When my Dad came to fit the cable he realised that he needed an additional component. He called you immediately and the part was sent arriving on Wednesday. I want to say how refreshing it is to deal with a company who have such customer-centred values, especially in this day and age. I already recommend your company to everyone who asks me about my walker (and there have been lots of people over the years) but rest assured, I will be telling everyone about this great service.

Thank you once again and keep up the good work!

Kindest regards,

Tim Cooke
By email

Dear Mr Tom Morris,
I wish to express my appreciation for the attention and service I have received from your excellent member of staff when dealing with my phone calls.

The service I received from this lady and her subsequent steps taken to ensure that I got my walker to enable me to be mobile again, deserve recognition and my deepest gratitude. I would also like to congratulate you for employing such a dedicated member of staff.

Your product is very superior to my current walker (not a Uniscan) in every sense. I have looked at quite a few others to replace my old walker which developed defects and literally became unuseable recently.

So, please convey my heartfelt thanks to the lady who helped me so much.

I am sir, very sincerely yours,

Mr Armstrong
Enfield, Middlesex

Been using the Triumph for a month now. Just what the doctor ordered! Aged 80 and with an 8 year old stroke I had reached the stage when I could hardly manage with my two sticks. This three-wheeler has improved my mobility beyond all expectations.
Many thanks

Dr D W Breese
Penzance, Cornwall
(by e-mail)

Dear Mr Morris
I must let you know how really delighted I am with the Triumph walking frame you sent me recently. I have been giving it plenty of tests, and find it fits the bill exactly and is just what I need. Luckily for me I do not, so far, suffer from arthritis, but in my mid-80's I've been getting rather tottery and after three recent falls decided it was time to get some sort of aid. Not feeling comfortable with a stick only, I saw your advertisement and my daughter who was with me, agreed it fitted the bill, so I ordered it there and then. It came very promptly and I must say that I bless the day I took that step forward. Walking has always been important and enjoyable to me and I am so very glad to be able to carry on using my legs for a few years longer. The design and structure of your walking frames is very good and the seat and shopping carrier are brilliant additions. May I congratulate everyone concerned in the manufacture and say very many thanks for a first class British made product!
Yours sincerely,

Mrs P Lister
Caterham, Surrey

Dear Sir,

I have recently purchased a walking frame from your company and I am delighted with it.

I have Multiple Sclerosis and use two sticks to aid walking about... since I have had my walking frame it feels so much more stable than sticks that I hardly ever use them any more.

One other benefit worth mentioning is the tray, which I have found an absolute boon, as I cannot usually carry food or drinks from the kitchen to the dining room. I am now so much more independent since I have had my walking frame.

Yours faithfully

C.S.Wilkins (Mrs)
Alvaston, Derby

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