Regain your Freedom with a Uniscan walking frame

Here is a quote from Age UK in 2020:-

COVID-19 has confined many older and vulnerable adults to their homes for a long period of time and continues to do so as restrictions in certain areas get tighter. This, as well as restricted access to healthcare resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, could mean that ongoing fall accidents are not reported and the continued lockdown restrictions may have exposed many older adults to more fall risk factors, such as, inactivity, social isolation and anxiety.
Age UK 2020

So why not look through our website and send for a free brochure and see how a Uniscan walker can help you get out and about again.

Uniscan Mobility Products - don't settle for less

All our walkers are:

  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy & Strong
  • Manœuvrable
  • Ready Assembled
  • Quality Guaranteed
  • Handmade
Welcome to the home of Ultra-Lightweight
Walking Frames for adults and children

A walking frame (rollator) can be a real help for anyone who has trouble with their mobility, no matter what their age.

This site gives you all the information you require, not only about our 4-leg and 3-leg walkers/rollators, but why a mobility aid could really improve your life or that of someone you care about. Click for our Guide to Walkers.

We hope that you find our site useful and easy to navigate, but if you have any questions about our products or services please do not hesitate to contact us.

We know that there are lots of other walkers available, but Uniscan are unique in that we design and manufacture all our walking frames at our factory in Essex, UK.

We manufacture our walkers to be ultra lightweight, which is critical to the young, people with limited strength or those with debilitating conditions such as arthritis or MS etc.

We have the most comprehensive range of walkers available today:-

  • Six 4-leg walkers/rollators all with built-in rest seat.
  • Two 3-leg walkers both with a built-in rest seat.
  • A Single Handed bar accessory which can be fitted to most of our 4-leg walkers. This accessory allows people to use a Uniscan walker if they have use of only one arm following a stroke or amputation etc.

Please read through the pages, request a brochure, call and ask any questions you may still have. If you are still not convinced about a Uniscan, please compare other walkers against ours; then you will know why “Nothing Similar is Quite the Same”.

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