Accessories and Options
Shopping bag £30.00Shopping Bag



The shopping bag for the Glider Plus Adjustable, A-frame, Grand GPA and Traveller models fits on the back rest.

The Shopping bag for the Triumph models fits under the seat, the bag (when empty) folds with the frame for easy storage.

Non-Slip Tray 30.00Tray



Suits 4-leg walkers (not Cadet or Freeway). Clips to backrest.
Single-handed bar £40.00Single Handed Bar


This is a great accessory for people who struggle to use a traditional two handed walker. It enables the user to operate the walker by a bar.

The bar can be locked to either the left or right-hand side to suit the user's needs.

The single handed bar can be fitted on all Glider Plus Adjustable and A-frame walkers.

Shopping Caddy £25.00Folding
Under Seat Caddy

£25.00 (Cadet) Otherwise standard fitment.

Standard free fitment on all walkers except the Cadet. This neat carrier with cover can easily be fitted by the owner.

The caddy (when empty) folds with the walker for easy storage.

Triumph Shopping Bag £30.00Triumph Shopping Bag

£30.00 (Triumph and Triumph Plus only).

This shopping bag with clip-down cover fits beneath the seat on Triumph models to provide generous carrying capacity.

The bag (when empty) folds with the walker for easy storage.

Walking Stick Holder  £7.50Walking Stick Holder

£7.50 (Cadet) Otherwise standard fitment.

Walking Stick Holder (1 fitted as standard, extra cost on Cadet) clips your stick to the walker.

£7.50 for additional holder (owner fittable) if you want a replacement or extra one on your walker.


One-Touch Locking Lever Brakes

'One Touch' brakes  (Extra £25.00 on some models)

Operate like bicycle brakes and can lock wheels for seating.
Standard fitting on all models except Cadet and Freeway where it is a £25.00 alternative to pressure brakes. (A‑Frame requires no brakes.)

Standard Frame Colours
No additional charge

Black Black
Blue Blue
Burgundy Burgundy
Green Green
Grey Grey

Premium Frame Colours
Additional £10.00

Blackberry Blackberry
Copper-Bronze Copper-Bronze

Choose your frame colour when ordering.

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