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These are a random selection of the many hundreds of letters & emails we have received from satisfied customers.
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Dear Sir,
I received my Uniscan walker last week and I am very pleased with it. My thanks and best wishes to your self and your team.
Yours sincerely,

Miss R Belovitch
Cheetham, Manchester

Dear Mr Morris,

I have just taken delivery of my new Glider Plus Adjustable walker and it is Superb!

I have had a few Uniscan Walkers over the years and this is the best one!

There are even some improvements on my last Uniscan that is 2 years old but this was badly damaged so needed to be replaced. My first Uniscan is around 12 years old and I keep it as a spare.

I really like the clip on tray, it is very handy for cups of tea and at meal times both at home and at work. It's a real help at family get togethers and at the pub where friends and family always put plates and drinks on my tray.

There are many mobility shops in my area with some walkers that are more expensive than Uniscan but they are not as lightweight, don't have such a good seat or backrest and they have no tray facility.

My Uniscan walker is admired wherever it is seen even in Singapore when I was on holiday a few years ago visiting my brother.

Thank you again and best wishes,

Mr Thom

Dear Friends at Uniscan - I say 'friends' for I do regard you as such.

I want to say thank you for all the help you have given me recently.

While I was without my 'Uniscan' I had a different make on loan and I didn't like it. This other one has made me value my new 'Uniscan' even more.

I am very grateful to you all for your assistance and doing it all so speedily. You certainly know the meaning of the word 'urgent'.

Please accept my sincere thanks for all your assistance at a time when I felt very vulnerable.

Yours sincerely,

Sr. Young
Romsey, Hants

Dear Sir,
I would like to thank you for your wonderful service for my Mother last week.

Your walking frame gave Mum confidence to remain independent several years ago.

Last week the walking stick holder broke leaving Mum without the use of her stick when using the walker (she sometimes parks the walker and uses the stick).

I phoned on Saturday and left a message explaining the situation and that Mum was hard of hearing. Someone phoned on Monday morning and spoke so clearly that Mum understood every word.

On Wednesday the part arrived and we fitted it to Mums walker.

The speed of service meant Mum was only without access to her stick for a few days allowing her to maintain her confidence and independence.

Thank you. You made a big difference to Mum.

Yours sincerely,

Bernadette Burgen
Macclesfield, Cheshire

Dear Mr Morris,
You have transformed my life completely with the Uniscan Triumph Tri Walker. It is truly the "Rolls Royce" of walkers and many people have admired it. Thank you.
Yours faithfully,

Mrs Ball

Dear Mr Morris,
I am writing to you on behalf of my mother. A few months ago she purchased a Uniscan walker. She recently had a hip replacement operation and she is 88 years old.

The walker has improved her mobility and confidence 100%, and she has asked me to write to you to thank you and your company.

I, personally am pleased to see a quality British product improving the quality of life of so many people.
Thank you once again, kind regards

Mr K Coulson
Daventry, Northants

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