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Dear Mr Morris,
Thank you for my Uniscan walker which arrived safely.
I am very pleased with it and have managed to walk to the Village for the first time in a long while as I have vertigo and bad knees. It really has been a great help.
Thank you very much.

Mrs Gee

Dear Sirs,
Thank you for your letter and information leaflets regarding my Uniscan walker.

I use my walker all the time and I'm now in my 91st year. I had a mild stroke 5 years ago which cost me my balance but I can shop alone.

I couldn't possibly do without my Uniscan, I feel as safe as houses when I use it and it gives me perfect balance - I couldn't manage with just a stick.

Thank you again.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Holloway

Dear Sirs,
I do not know how to thank you adequetly for repairing and refurbishing my walker. I was delighted to welcome it home after a long week away! I missed it so much as I was very limited in my outdoor activities without it.
I cannot speak too highly of the courtesy and kindness to those whom I spoke on the telephone. Nothing was too much trouble for them. I thank you for all you have done for me - first of all for inventing the walker and secondly for repairing and refurbishing it to such a high standard of workmanship. It looks almost new again!
I shall take every opportunity to sing your praises for the high standard of workmanship and excellent customer service. It is quite a while since I had such a pleasing experience with a business. Thank you again.

Mrs J Nye
Reading, Berkshire

Dear Mr Morris,
I'm ordering a new Uniscan walker and I want to let you know just what that means!

I first purchased a Uniscan walker for my mother and was so impressed with it. It was wonderful for her.

16 years ago due to increasing arthritis I myself got a Uniscan and have had several over the years. I cannot ever express in words what it has meant to me. As the years have gone on I have been able to get about, put it into my car and in many other cars, have travelled everywhere with my Uniscan. It has helped my quality of life, recreation and been so functional over the years.

As my mobility has decreased, I am unable to go out any longer, but I still have mobility in my home. I can move about, do little jobs and sit whenever I need a rest. A really wonderful little light miracle.

In my lifetime I have seen practically all the modern wonders, but I have no doubt that in help to humanity especially the less able Uniscan deserve the 'peoples medal for services to suffering people' giving them renewal of active life - truly one of the centuries miracles.

Bless you all. There are now all sorts of walkers on the market, but believe me there is only one Uniscan! The original and very best in every way.

I also want to thank you all for your kindness and helpfulness at all times.

I really can't wait for the delivery of my new walker.

Bless and thank you all.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Kershaw

Dear Mr Morris,
I am absolutely thrilled with the Uniscan Grand Glider Plus Adjustable rollator. The design and quality is fantastic. It has brought the potential of improving my friends life, he can now try and walk a little further, without the all consuming fear of falling. There is ALWAYS a seat to hand, so becoming breathless and losing strength is no longer a bar to venturing out.

With barely a mm to spare, it did fit into the boot of my friends Smart Car. It seemed a tenth of the weight of his wheelchair, so I was delighted with that.

The item has lived up to my expectation and beyond. My friend has had feelings of anxiety and fear replaced with security and comfort. The well designed equipment supports his own grit, determination and courage, truly enhancing and enabling what he can achieve personally.

Well done to all at Uniscan for a truly life-enhancing product.

Angus, Scotland

Dear Uniscan,
At last I have the most suitable walker for me. I have walked along the corridors with it and it is so solid and strong. I can rely on it to help me walk.

Thank you so much for a lovely safe walker. I'm so pleased to own it. I dont even have to worry about the brakes as they work when I need them.
Thank you once again.
Yours sincerely,

Mrs B E Smith
Swindon, Wilts

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