Letters and Testimonials
These are a random selection of the many hundreds of letters & emails we have received from satisfied customers.
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Dear Uniscan,
I just had to write and thank you for my new walker, I know already it is going to liberate my daily mobility problems.
Thank you for all your help and the polite and prompt way you have dealt with my order.
Yours sincerely,

Mrs Phelan

Dear Sirs,
I must thank you for the very prompt delivery of my Uniscan walker.

Having used it for my weekly visit to the local supermarket, I have nothing but praise for it.

The fact that it fits easily when folded into the car boot is a Godsend; it means my mobility is increased no end (a very impressive product indeed).

I'd also like to thank the friendly staff when processing the order. Thank you all.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Winters

Dear Maria,

That is extremely kind of you and much appreciated. It is not often these days that one receives such brilliant customer service. Please convey my thanks to everyone in your team.

With many thanks for your help with this matter.


by e-mail

Dear Uniscan,
At last I have the most suitable walker for me. I have walked along the corridors with it and it is so solid and strong. I can rely on it to help me walk.

Thank you so much for a lovely safe walker. I'm so pleased to own it. I dont even have to worry about the brakes as they work when I need them.
Thank you once again.
Yours sincerely,

Mrs B E Smith
Swindon, Wilts

Dear Sir,
My walker I had from your Company is absolutely marvellous. It's been carried about a lot on buses and trains and although I've gained weight it still supports me. It's as strong as it was when I first had it. It's so tough.

Oh yes, it's my best pal and I've had it a few years now and it never lets me down. It's the best walker I have ever had and I do believe it will be around when I'm gone. How about that for good, excellent workmanship. Whoever made him, I bless the chap. I love my little walker.

I can't thank you enough.


Miss B Hughes
Coventry, West Midlands

Dear Betty, Maria & Geraldine,
I was so thrilled and surprised when the l-a-r-g-e box arrived this morning. I had worked it out that I might get it just before Christmas if I was lucky.
I have tried it and been down the garden path with it and I have a friend who is coming over tomorrow to experiment with it and to show me the best way of getting it into the car. I have been squeeking with delight all day.
Bless all of you, you were all so kind and sympathetic. I will sing your praises from my cottage-top
With much love and thanks

Ms E Greenway
Southam, Warwickshire

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